May 18, 2023

ChatGPT for SEO | 11 ways to skyrocket your traffic

Tereza Litsa

Looking for new ways to boost your SEO traffic? How about using ChatGPT for SEO?

You must have heard of ChatGPT by now. It’s an AI language model developed by OpenAI that uses deep learning to generate conversational, human-like text. With 100 million active users only two months after its launch, it can be the perfect addition to your SEO strategy. 

As with every new tool, it can be hard to know where to start. Don’t worry, we are here to help. 

In this blog, we are looking at 11 ways to use ChatGPT for SEO to boost your website traffic — from keyword research to improving your meta descriptions, we’ve got everything you need. 

11 use cases of ChatGPT for SEO

Let’s look at 11 practical use cases on how to use ChatGPT for SEO.

Conduct keyword research

This is a very useful use case at any stage in your SEO strategy. ChatGPT can help you develop new keyword ideas on a specific topic. It can make their grouping easier while you can also save time by moving away from the old-fashioned way of conducting keyword research.

For example, you can brainstorm with the help of ChatGPT for the initial stage of your keyword research. You can use these findings in to organize your keywords and the topics you want to focus on.  

Improve your meta descriptions

A successful meta description can improve your click-through rate on search rankings. You can use ChatGPT to come up with new ideas or improve your existing description.

Bear in mind, the best way to make the most of ChatGPT for SEO is to be as straightforward as possible on what you want to get. You can still get a few drafts as examples and finalize the copy on your own. 

If you are using, you can use ChatGPT directly through the tool to simplify the process of creating meta descriptions while choosing your next content ideas.

You can use ChatGPT to create or update content for a featured snippet.

For example, you can share an example of an existing featured snippet and ask ChatGPT to create a similar one for you. You can also ask ChatGPT to create content to use as your very own featured snippet – from formatting to crafting the best answer to a question.

Create SEO content briefs

It’s important to create a detailed SEO content brief to help writers deliver the best content for you. ChatGPT can help you save time by reviewing your notes and turning them into a content brief.

You can also share examples of existing content briefs to get the response to be even more relevant to your needs.

Create content for backlinking outreach 

An effective backlink strategy needs to include an outreach plan. This is an essential step but it sometimes feels too manual.

You can use ChatGPT to automate the process of creating emails or building a summary of what you want to cover in your content.

For example, you can share your notes with what you want to include in your email and ask ChatGPT to draft the copy for you. You can ask follow-up questions to make it as relevant as possible to your business.

Analyze your competitors’ content 

Competitor analysis doesn’t have to be time-consuming. You can use ChatGPT as a quick way to analyze your competitors’ content, the best-performing pages, and what you can learn about them.

For example, you can use a tool like to discover the top-ranking pages for your competitors. You can turn the keywords into topics and use ChatGPT to turn the topics into blog ideas.

You can even do all these three steps through without having to visit an external page for ChatGPT.

Improve your internal linking strategy 

Internal linking is essential for on-page SEO. You can improve your linking strategy by getting ChatGPT to review your existing linking structure.

For example, you can upload your sitemap and get ChatGPT to group the topics that are relevant. You can even focus on a specific theme or content cluster. All you need to do is share a number of pages you have in mind and ask ChatGPT to suggest the best ways to group them together.

Half of the US population uses voice search on a daily basis. It’s important to understand search intent and optimize your content based on how people use voice search features.

In this case, you can use ChatGPT to improve the search intent in your content or you can even share your existing copy and ask for further edits. You can also ask ChatGPT to recommend a number of keywords that can get your content ready for voice search.

Create content topic clusters

Topic clusters can boost both user experience and SEO. It’s a method of grouping your content based on specific themes to improve a website’s structure and how your content ranks.

Instead of doing the manual grouping on your own, you can share a list of blogs with ChatGPT and ask for recommendations on how to create the best topic clusters.

If you’re planning to create a new topic cluster, you can get content ideas from ChatGPT to confirm whether your planning is on the right track.

Improve your content’s quality

ChatGPT can be your in-house proofreader. Whether you’re researching for blog ideas or writing a link-building outreach email, you can use it to improve your content and make it more actionable.

If you are not happy with the initial response, you can also use follow-up questions to make the content relevant to your business.

Create titles for your blog 

ChatGPT can be helpful when you’re looking for your next blog’s title. It can also help you during the brainstorming phase of turning keywords into topics.

You can even use it directly when performing keyword research if you’re using a tool like Once you research for potential keywords to rank for, you can use ChatGPT to create titles based on these keywords. You can be as general or specific as you want.

It’s an easy way to save time while accessing a list of keyword ideas and blog titles, all in one place. 

What’s next 

Generative AI is progressing at a rapid pace. It’s important to catch up early to stay ahead of the curve.

Start by experimenting with different prompts to find the best ways to use AI for SEO.

Find what helps you be more efficient to boost your traffic without spending more resources on your tactics.

Discover tools that will help you automate your processes without sacrificing your work’s quality.

Interested in integrating ChatGPT with an SEO tool to supercharge your strategy? Try today