July 17, 2023

4 reasons to invest in a ChatGPT SEO tool

Tereza Litsa


How does ChatGPT work for SEO? What should a ChatGPT SEO tool look like?

ChatGPT and generative AI have been on the news for many months now. When it comes to SEO, many professionals are already exploring ways to use AI to work smarter.

In this blog, we are looking at five reasons you should invest in a ChatGPT SEO tool today.

Why should you use a ChatGPT SEO tool 

Using ChatGPT for SEO can help you boost your traffic and work smarter. 

Still, relying on ChatGPT on its own can feel limiting. You are using it without additional context, which makes it harder to combine it with other activities.

This is where a ChatGPT SEO tool can be handy. It allows you to supercharge ChatGPT’s function to suit your SEO needs.

We integrated ChatGPT with Similar AI to help you scale your SEO efforts with the use of AI without using too many tools. 

Here are four reasons a ChatGPT SEO tool is better than using ChatGPT directly.

#1. Use existing data to add context

Imagine using ChatGPT directly. You are working on meta descriptions or grouping keywords before you are ready to add them to your site or test how they work for your content.

This creates an unnecessary step that you can simply skip using a tool like Similar AI. 

Instead, you can use a ChatGPT SEO tool to use all the available data to add context to your prompt – from ranking keywords to on-page data.

#2. Iterate on the prompt and see how it works in real-time

Let’s say you use ChatGPT to come up with title ideas for a new web page. Once you get a list of suggested titles, you will need to organize them, pick the one you want to use and repeat the process if you need to A/B test different versions of them.

Instead, you can use a tool like Similar AI to update the prompt in real-time and see how it looks on your actual page. You can even use a prompt that your colleague has made and save it for future use within the platform. 

#3. Instant publishing on your website

If you’re using ChatGPT to generate meta titles or descriptions, you know that the next step is to manually add them to your website or get your developers to help you.

There is a quicker way to do this. Using a ChatGPT SEO tool like Similar AI, you can publish the changes to your site directly through the tool.

#4. A/B testing and quick feedback

Accessing a number of variations for your newly created meta descriptions or keywords is useful but how do you test them for your vertical?

A ChatGPT SEO tool allows you to experiment with your own content, your vertical, or by analyzing your competitors’ ranking.

You can A/B test the prompts to get quick feedback on what works and repeat the process as many times as needed until you find the perfect match for your page or your vertical. 

Practical ways to use a ChatGPT SEO tool like Similar AI

Let’s look at some practical ideas on how to use ChatGPT in Similar AI.

Use your site’s data to iterate the ChatGPT prompt

A big reason to use a ChatGPT SEO tool like Similar AI is to improve your prompts with the use of your site’s data.

For example, you can feed your existing keyword research into ChatGPT to come up with more ideas and apply the best results to all the pages on the site. 

In just one page in Similar AI, you can access

  • Keywords
  • Keyword topics
  • ChatGPT

With the use of all the above, you can iterate the prompts to generate more accurate responses.

Just like that, you’re not only saving time but you also become more efficient.

Generate blog title ideas and test them on your pages

You can add ChatGPT as a variable on Similar AI to generate new title ideas for specific topics. 

Let’s say you are focusing on the topic of AI. You add ChatGPT to create the perfect prompt for your needs. You can change the prompt as much as you want. 

Once you confirm the prompt, you click on ‘Preview ChatGPT’ to look at the suggested titles and find the best one for your needs. 

Now you have two options. You can either publish the title directly or A/B test different ones to pick the best one for your website.

Generate meta descriptions and A/B test them

Struggling to pick the right meta description for a new page or topic? You can ask ChatGPT to help.

Using Similar AI, you can create a ChatGPT prompt that recommends relevant meta descriptions for each topic. You can make the prompts as general or specific as you want. 

Once you find the version you like the most, you are ready to apply it to all the pages you want and publish it.

Classify topics by labels in a label group

You can use a tool like Similar AI to organize your content opportunities into topics. The next step is to classify topics by labels.

If you want to save time, you can ask ChatGPT to help with your taxonomy by generating or expanding labels.

All you need to do is to describe the label group and pick the number of labels you want to explore.

What’s next 

Generative AI can help you skyrocket your traffic. It can also help you save time with your SEO efforts.

By integrating ChatGPT into your SEO stack, you are able to 

  • Use your own data to improve the prompts
  • Apply the changes to your website
  • A/B test prompts and get quick feedback

Ready to supercharge your SEO strategy? Try Similar.ai today