Optimized category pages that drive traffic

Similar.ai effortlessly generates and refines perfectly relevant pages to match categories that users are searching for.

Group keywords into topics to understand the total demand for your products and listings.

See which topics don’t have pages today but should based on your offerings.

Create category pages for the highest-priority topics in your knowledge graph.

Structure your site around real search intent

Ensure each page on your site answers the exact customer intent. Similar.ai creates category pages, increases the relevancy of internal links, and adds content to each page that boosts rankings.

Learn from industry-wide data

See what customers are searching for across your industry

Learn which opportunities your competitors are missing out on

Gain traffic from millions of people searching for your listings

Relevant, ranking pages that don’t get stale

Keep pages up-to-date even as inventory and search data evolves. Similar.ai automatically adds categories that match up to new products, dynamically creates pages based new search patterns, and adapts to seasonality and key events as they happen.

We’re working with Similar.ai to use their combination of first and third party user demand data and machine learning that understands search engine user needs to downsize the entire site. Their automated API integration redirects low-value pages and concentrates link architectures around the pages users love.

Dewi Nawasari
Lead Organic Growth Product Manager, Gumtree.com and Motors.co.uk


How does the platform determine which new pages to create?

Similar.ai’s SEO research engine determines sought-after topics that don’t have pages, but for which you do have listings.

How do you surface new pages?

Our internal linking links to existing and new pages that users would find relevant. The higher the total demand for the topic a new page targets, the more inlinks it gets. This makes it easier for search engine users to find the categories and listings they want.

We use our own internal page creation system. Can you integrate with that?

Yes. A number of our customers have explicitly split out page creation logic. We give them a separate new page recommendation endpoint, which their page creation system reads in.

We've used keyword tools to do research ourselves by hand but we can't get it to scale to the whole of the site. Does your team do that for us?

No, we're not an agency, we have a technology platform. It pulls in all the keywords & keyword data for which competitive have visibility but you don't and finds relevant topics with demand & inventory. Similar.ai uses AI and software to scale to all the pages that matter on your site and all the search queries that matter in your domain.

How many keywords, topics & pages can a product-led SEO platform handle?

For a typical customer, our product-led SEO platform looks at millions of keywords, groups these into tens of thousands of topics and matches these to hundreds of thousands of pages that can deliver traffic and revenue, with anything from a few million to a few hundred million pages in total for a site.

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