A product-led SEO platform that gets results

Similar.ai’s powerful customer intent models, proactive recommendations, and unmatched ability to scale makes SEO one of the strongest drivers of growth online.

Automate SEO research, page deduping, and new page creation to match the latest demand for your products.

Create new content with auto-populated templates for the occasions, brands, and use cases customers are searching for.

Scale with the click of a button to implement changes that show the biggest increase in traffic and organic acquisition.

Intelligently map pages to the way your users search

Similar.ai collects and clusters data on topics, keywords, cost-per-click, competitor keywords, and dozens of other search engine details to create a comprehensive map of demand for your products based on search volume.

  • SEO data is aggregated automatically, eliminating the need for manual research tools.

  • Our cloud crawler continuously crawls your pages like Google does, keeping you up to date on your performance at all times.

  • We create a knowledge graph and summary of actions that’s constantly being updated with new data.

Automatically clean and consolidate pages

Using customer intent data, Similar.ai removes any pages that have overlapping search intent and hides those with zero demand.

  • With up to 90% fewer pages on your site, Google crawls more of your relevant pages and increases their search rankings.

  • Pages that remain are enriched with additional content to improve their visibility and performance.

  • No longer link to pages that aren't relevant to search engine users.

Organize pages around customer demand

Similar.ai autonomously improves page categorization and internal linking for the highest-priority topics in your knowledge graph.

Optimize internal linking throughout the site

Keep your internal linking up to date—link from your most relevant pages to the pages users are most likely to be interested in.

Create pages around high-demand topics

Create new category pages that aggregate your most in-demand products for each topic by mapping search intent to your existing offerings.

Create new, AI-enabled content

Similar.ai uses natural language processing (NLP) to auto-generate fresh content that best showcases your products and listings.

  • No-code templates publish and refresh content that highlights top brands, products for special occasions, or listings in a popular category.

  • Copywriters scale content production while maintaining control over the final outcome.

  • Natural-sounding, highly targeted web copy increases traffic and rankings on the most relevant topics.

Three powerful APIs, one platform for SEO

Our internal linking API tells your site how to link other relevant category pages with both demand and content that meets search needs.

Our cleanup API hides irrelevant pages to search engines and adds redirects

Our content API enriches your site with FAQs, metadata and, category descriptions to meet the needs of search engine users.

Lyst used Similar.ai to launch a new internal linking module in a week to let search engine users find the pages that they love. In a few weeks, we measured the impact, showing that we had significantly grown the ranking of these pages.

Simon Dance
Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Lyst

Experimentation you can scale

Use your Similar.ai SEO experimentation dashboard to accelerate test iterations and scale successful experiments site-wide. Quickly see the impact of cleanup, new pages, and linking over the lifetime of your initiatives and roll out your best tests everywhere.