Stronger internal linking site-wide

Add links to the pages users are looking for the most and help them discover newer pages that haven’t ranked yet with’s AI-powered platform.

Update internal linking to reflect your customers’ interests

  • Link to category pages that have more demand

  • Link from more relevant pages to related content to elicit their intent

  • Point users to new pages you want to drive more traffic to

  • Structure your site around how buyers categorize your products, not how you do internal linking increased relevance so that we were able to prove that users were able to find what they were looking for more easily, with statistical significance.

Kabeer Badi Singh
SEO Lead, eBay Kleinanzeigen


We have our own internal linking today, but it creates duplicate pages. How do you avoid that?

We only link to canonical pages with demand and answering listings. This is what makes special—instead of creating and linking to all possible pages, our platform singles out the ones that match real customer demand.

Can I use my internal demand data?

Yes, we can use internal demand for short-term and longtail demand, combining it with search engine demand.

Do you vary the number of inlinks pages get?

Yes. We guarantee that every relevant page receives a minimum number of inlinks, and that the number of inlinks going to a page correlates roughly with demand. Pages with more potential for unbranded organic traffic get more inlinks.

What site goals can we achieve by improving our internal linking?

Some of customers have found that a small number of the pages that deserve to rank ever get crawled by Google. They use internal linking to get search engines to discover these pages: a 'top of funnel' linking approach. Other customers are more focused on boosting the relevant traffic that pages which already rank get. They give more inlinks to pages with greater traffic opportunity: a 'bottom of funnel' approach.

I have 10 Jira tickets waiting for weeks on a spike for the engineering team to implement site-wide internal linking blocks. Help!

Our simple integration typically takes a developer two weeks. After that you can do full A/B experimentation of linking site wide without waiting on your engineering team. You can deploy multiple internal linking blocks. You can easily test and when you find a winning recipe, publish across the whole site with a few clicks.

Our data analytics team takes months then says that our internal linking tests are "inconclusive". Do you have a better way?

Yes, firstly we gather much more data than most teams have access to from a number of simple integrations. Secondly, we track upstream metrics like number of Googlebot crawls, active pages, number of ranking keywords, average position, CTR and impressions, as well as traffic and monetisation. Lastly, our product-led A/B experimentation stack means we can quickly show impact even when it's subtle, remove confounding factors and get to answers FAST. Go beyond "It depends" to actionable research findings that let you give more visibility to money pages.

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