SEO isn’t just about visibility anymore.

Companies still focusing solely on ranking and traffic are falling short on more meaningful metrics, missing opportunities to give users exactly what they’re looking for—and ultimately, to earn real revenue from the traffic they acquire.

What you’ll learn:

Product-led SEO, a concept made popular by SEO expert Eli Schwartz, is leading the new wave of search engine optimization. This approach focuses on building a great product first, optimizing for search while maintaining the best possible user experience.

This guide is your introduction to a more nuanced, zero-waste SEO strategy, with advice on:

  • What it means to adopt product-led SEO and how it benefits your organization
  • How to scale SEO without creating millions of unnecessary pages
  • How to drive more traffic to the most relevant, high-demand pages
  • How to rapidly test and implement changes that make each page on a website more relevant to your users
  • Where AI can automate SEO and what should still be done manually
  • What technology and processes you must have to successfully implement product-led SEO

It’s a brand new day for SEO—learn all about it by downloading “Product-led SEO: What it is and how it’s changing the way companies think about search.”

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