A different approach to SEO

We built Similar.ai to give product-led teams SEO superpowers—and set themselves up for major, sustained growth.

To do this we created a platform that optimizes the way products and listings are showcased across millions of pages, all based on current customer demand.

We let product-led SEO teams publish site-wide changes in hours,  and test impact in weeks, rather than the months it usually takes.

We employed the latest in machine learning to change the way we think about SEO. With Similar.ai, search optimization becomes a scalable, ongoing growth strategy that doesn’t require technical expertise or expensive agency hours. Our customers can stay on top of customer intent data, clean up and create new content, experiment rapidly—everything that used to be only possible for companies with resources as vast as Amazon, Etsy, or Pinterest is now accessible to you.

Our vision: every page is worthy of ranking highly for something customers truly need.

Meet the team

Robin Allenson

Co-founder & CEO

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Robin’s biggest weakness is humility and his greatest strength is self-deprecation.

Terry Peng

Co-founder & CTO

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Terry is a true believer of Occam's Razor and Murphy's law.

Frank Anema

Technology Lead

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Frank still celebrates every big round number we reach on Github PRs.

Céline de Cosnac

Head of Finance

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Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

Daniel Dzhenev

Customer Success Manager

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Lena Shakurova

Machine learning developer

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Lena is spending her days trying to figure out what is the meaning of it all.

Vinay Warrier

Machine learning developer

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Vinay is a sole searcher stuck to the surface of a sphere trying to make SERPrises predictable.

Karol Skalski

Machine learning developer

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Karol doesn’t believe in ghosts

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