Page cleaning and consolidation without limits

We find every page that should be hidden or consolidated based on search demand data, then surface the actions your site needs. Scale to the whole of the site.

  • Dedupe pages with overlapping search intent or no demand.

  • See when multiple pages match the same topic so you can dedupe pages that don’t rank.

  • Remove superfluous pages so Google crawls the ones that people should see.

Organize products and listings to match the way customers think

Most sites still build their taxonomy around how they see their offerings. But this doesn’t typically match up with how users do. bridges this gap by combining all of the keywords that users consider interchangeable, guiding them to the right place every time.

Only keep pages that meet existing and expected user demand

Clean up the clutter and leave “spray and pray” methods behind for good. Our machine learning models identify which topics have demand now or will in the near future, then eliminates any pages created based on irrelevant taxonomies and outdated internal search data.

Google wasn’t sending traffic to most of our pages because they weren’t relevant enough for users; many didn’t answer needs search engine users had and sometimes there were thousands of pages for the exact same need. let us clean up millions of duplicate pages without spending a significant amount of time playing catchup and piling SEO tasks onto the engineering team.

Jan-Willem Bobbink
SEO Specialist, a large Dutch classifieds site


Most of our pages don’t rank today. Can you help us clean those up?

Yes. We find pages that haven’t had traffic and aren’t targeting topics with demand, then our cleanup API tells your site how to remove them.

Is this traffic-based indexing?

We go a step further. Traffic-based indexing only removes pages based on the traffic a page has received. Instead, our platform also works out which pages will never have the chance of receiving traffic and removes them.

What are the advantages of topic cannibalization over keyword cannibalization?

We identify pages that target the same topic, both with pages that rank and pages which don’t. We still dedupe pages that target different keywords if those keywords mean the same thing to search engine users.

See how quickly can help your most important pages rank.