Experiment and scale improvements from a single dashboard

Use your Similar.ai SEO experimentation dashboard to accelerate test iterations and scale successful experiments site-wide.

Test changes on a few pages and track the results in your dashboard.

Segment pages based on potential impact and run multiple experiments at once.

Rapidly roll out changes at scale when you see successful test results.

Find quick opportunities for improvement

  • Clean up and dedupe high-priority pages

  • Implement small-batch adjustments to page copy, categorizations, etc.
  • Add internal linking
  • See the impact of your experiments and roll the successful one out large-scale

RVshare chose Similar.ai’s always-on SEO Research Engine to enrich our understanding of millions of keywords, topics, search intents and entities, both those for which we rank and those which we could, to optimize our pages & content, because it was the only product-led SEO platform that could handle the scale at which we work.

Martijn Scheijbeler
VP Marketing, RVshare

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