New content, perfectly matched to demand automatically creates new content with no-code templates built to increase organic acquisition.

Create AI-generated content based on templates for popular items, seasonal events, and more.

Generate FAQs that answer your most popular search questions.

Update page descriptions and links to improve site search-ability.

  • Writers add structure and nuance to each template as needed.

  • The templates are automatically populated by AI-generated content.

  • New content scales across your site to increase its relevancy and ranking.

We use AI to accelerate, not replace copywriting platform uses natural language processing (NLP) to auto-generate content, approved by a member of your team and within the parameters of templates you’ve created. This results in natural-sounding, highly targeted web copy that helps copywriters rapidly scale their work.

AI-generated FAQs got us ranked for thousands of new keywords and raised CTRs significantly.

Kabeer Badi Singh
SEO Lead, eBay Kleinanzeigen


What structured data feeds do we need to give you?

You don’t need to give us any structured data. Our SEO data engine crawls your pages and listings, maps this to topics, and overlays the results with a knowledge graph we create just for you. This is the base for all of the content we generate.

Can I use this for long form content?

No. We’re focused on scaling short-form content on search result pages like category, browse, search, query, or brand pages.

Is this only for sentences or can I use it for much shorter text? can create content for H1s and meta-titles, as well as for descriptions, FAQs, and category blurbs. It’s important that our category page content is accurate.

Can AI generate accurate content?

Yes. Because we generate structured data from our knowledge graph, keywords, and your listings, we’re able to be sure that the content our platform generates is grounded in facts.

We’ve tried content spinning from product data before. How is this different?

We generate content from our knowledge graphs applied across keywords and other demand data (as well as your listings) so your content talks about what users want, not just what your site has to offer.

When we’ve scaled automatically generated text in the past, we always end up with broken sentences. How does make sure content is fluent?

You’ve probably read about recent advances in large language machine learning models (LLMs) like chatGPT (conversational Generative Pre-trained Transformer), GPT-4 (fourth generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer), BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) or MUM (the Multitask Unified Model). Our AI uses the latest large language models to correct broken sentences into grammatically correct, natural sounding content.

Can chatGPT help SEO?

There are many ways that chatGPT can help SEO. Check out our blog article about this for more details. Often it's about how you combine humans with LLMs that drives the best results.

Can chatGPT and other large language models be used to improve SEO?