September 4, 2023

UK Site Optimization: A Focus on Link Boosting

Robin Allenson

The Client’s SEO Goals and Hypothesis

In the challenging world of SEO, a UK-based site was determined to boost its organic traffic and revenue. To achieve this, they formulated a hypothesis.

Client’s Hypothesis: The client hypothesized that increasing inlinks to pages that were already ranking decently, but had the potential for more improvement, would push them further up in rankings.

This strategy was presumed to be impactful in attaining their traffic and revenue objectives, but it was important to first test its effectiveness on a similar group of pages.

To test their theory, they used to create a recipe to boost the number of inlinks to pages and set aside half of the matching pages as a control group.

  1. Selected pages ranked between positions 4 to 15.
  2. Updated 2,649 pages and set aside a control group for comparison.
  3. Focused on increasing the number of links pointing to these pages.

Significant Results in 6 weeks

The results started rolling in faster than expected. The pages updated with link boosts significantly outperformed the control group in the following areas:

  • A 19% increase in keyword rankings and a significant 23% jump in traffic.
  • Experienced increased attention from the Google Bot and greater on-site activity.

Ranking Impact: Over the next six weeks, the steady climb continued, with most pages improving their rank by an impressive one-and-a-half positions.

A higher % of pages within the test segment improved, particularly for their average ranking position (shown in the image above)

Timeline of Results: Positive changes, such as increased crawls, higher rankings, and improved traffic, were evident within just a week. However, this positive trend sustained and even amplified over a subsequent six-week period, showcasing a remarkable uptick compared to the rest of the site.

Conclusion: The use case illustrates the potential of linking boosting as a viable SEO strategy. When executed effectively, enhancing inlinks can significantly elevate the prominence and performance of web pages in search results.

When looking to enhance SEO, sometimes the solution lies not in massive changes but in strategic, targeted efforts. Reach out now to discuss a tailor-made SEO strategy for your needs.