September 11, 2023

An SEO Use Case on Internal Linking for All Indexable Pages

Robin Allenson

In this use case, we’ll demonstrate an internal linking recipe where you utilize all your existing indexable pages based on their relevance. This strategy, favored by many of our clients, means our tool will link from every page on your site and select target pages with shared relevant topics to link to.

With this method, you make it easier for users to discover related content, increasing their on-site time and seamlessly interlinking various content pieces.

Step-by-step Instructions

Step 1: Create an Internal Linking Opportunity

Step 2: Set up the ‘Linking Config’

  • You will find the newly created opportunity within the table. Click on it to access the details.
  • Select Add New Linking Config
  • Choose a descriptive name for your internal linking config. For example, specify which types of pages you’re linking to or from.
  • In Count, specify how many links you want to be displayed in this config, or the internal linking block on your site. A range of 5-12 links is typical.
  • Type: Choose Related searches to link solely to topically relevant pages.
  • Leave both Constraint Field and Nearby Radius fields empty.
  • Under ‘Linking Type’ > ‘Link from’, select ‘Add rule’ and enter feature = existing. This links from the indexable pages on the site.
  • Switch to the ‘Link to’ tab and enter the same rule feature = existing. This adds topically relevant links to the other indexable pages on the site.

Note: You might also add that url != your home page or some other pages that you think don’t make good link targets.

  • After finalizing settings, click Create Config, followed by Add to Opportunity.
  • Check the results under ‘View Opportunity’ once the process completes.
  • Press Preview. This will ask you if you want to build the linking graph. You do!
  • A job will run in the background. You can check the status of the Linking Opportunity job in Setup > Jobs to see if it has succeeded.

Note: For a site with a few ~100 pages, this will take anything from a few minutes to a half hour. For a site with a 1,000s or 10,000s of pages, it can take an hour or more. Recently a customer updated internal linking on their 4.2 million pages and it took 11 hours.

  • Once the internal linking opportunity job has succeeded, you’ll be able to see a plus icon next to the pages’ URLs in the datatable. Click this icon to review the list of target URLs and determine if further adjustments are necessary.
  • Once you are satisfied with the Preview, click Publish to activate the internal linking on your website.

Stories of Success: Testimonials from Our Clients

Discover what industry leaders have to say about their experience with Similar AI’s internal linking solution:

Similar AI internal linking increased relevance so that we were able to prove that users were able to find what they were looking for more easily, with statistical significance.

Kabeer Badi Singh, SEO Lead, eBay Kleinanzeigen

Lyst used Similar AI to launch a new internal linking module in a week to let search engine users find the pages that they love. In a few weeks, we measured the impact, showing that we had significantly grown the ranking of these pages.

Simon Dance, Chief Commercial Officer (COO), Lyst

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