This “Privacy Policy” describes how BV (“”) handles your personal information when you use our apps, games, websites, APIs and other products (“Services”). When using our Services, you agree to let us administer your data as we describe in this Privacy Policy. is a Dutch company, although we have servers all around the world. We may store personally identifiable information on any of these servers. By using our Services, you authorise to use your information according to Dutch laws, regardless of which country you are located in. produces games, apps, websites and APIs through which our users teach computers intelligence about everyday domains, such as clothing or food. We sell access to this intelligence as well as doing consultancy (“Paid Services”).

If you have any questions or comments about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at: privacy (at)

1. Personal Information Collection.

We strive to collect the minimal amount of information required to operate our services. This sometimes means trade-offs between the information we collect and the performance of our service. We want you to understand clearly what information we do and don’t collect and feel comfortable with that.

1.1 What is Personal Information?

As described below, “Personal Information” means any information that identifies you and includes information provided by you while using our Services. If we use or store Personal Information with information that is non-personal, we will consider the combination as Personal Information. Items with asterisks (*) below are items we do not collect at the time of writing but plan to in the future.

We do our best to collect the minimum amount of information required to operate our service.

1.2 Account Information.

When you create or update your user account on our Services, we collect and store this “Account Information”. The Account Information stored is listed below in its entirety.

Account InformationWhat do we use it for
First nameGreeting you when you log in
A device identifier, such as “Robin’s iPhone 123232-14123-123ABEF”Tracking how many times you’ve used our app on this phone
Facebook login *Letting you use games and apps with friends
Email address *If you sign up to one of our newsletters

* we do not collect this today, but plan to in the future

1.3 Operational Information. also collects and stores “Operational Information” required to operate our Services. This is data that we collect and store when you use our Services.

Operational Information is listed below in its entirety:

Operational InformationWhat do we use it for
App versionTroubleshooting
Phone operating system version, e.g. “iOS 9” *Troubleshooting, tailoring your app experience and product planning
Number of times you’ve used our different appsTroubleshooting and tailoring your app experience
What label(s) you gave certain image(s)Estimating how accurately you understand what things are called, and learning what things are called

Estimating how accurately you understand what things are called, and learning what things are called

1.4 Personal and Financial Information.

At the time of writing, we do not take credit cards, but we plan to in the future. Making a purchase with a credit card on any service will result in personally identifiable information being exchanged with payment processors. Credit card processors store Personal Information associated with financial transactions outside of the borders of the Netherlands. When you pay with credit card, we store the following information:

Personal and Financial InformationWhat do we use it for
Cardholder name*Fraud prevention
Payment data*Fraud prevention
Date of card use*Fraud prevention
Last four numbers of credit card*Fraud prevention
Card billing address*Fraud prevention
Card expiry*Fraud prevention

* we do not collect this today, but plan to in the future

We will never store your complete credit card number. Only our payment processors have the ability to collect, use and access your full credit card information and other financial information. They can use this information solely for the purpose of charging and invoicing you for our paid Services.

2. Domain Information. collects, stores and sells the data you teach our apps about a specific domain, such as clothing or food (“Domain Information”). Domain Information does not include Personal Information.

Domain InformationWhat do we use it for
Publicly-accessible image*Learning examples of what everyday objects look like
Label, e.g. “trousers”Learning how things are related to one another
Our estimate of how likely a certain image is to have a certain labelLearning how to recognise everyday objects

*an image at a url such as:

3. Personal Information Principles.

Any Personal Information you provide to will be administered according to the following principles:

3.1 Trustworthiness.

We value you as users and customers of our Services. We want you to be able to trust what we say and do, and we treat your Personal Information accordingly. If you have questions about this policy, please contact us at: privacy (at)

3.2 Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

We do not sell or trade Personal Information for commercial purposes.

We do not share Personal Information with other companies except in order to deliver our Services. For instance, we work with different games developers and hosting companies, and they use our Account Information to help us better deliver our games.

3.3 Consent.

Unless otherwise required by law, we will obtain your consent whenever we collect your Personal Information or make changes to the Operational Information we store. Your consent may be expressed or implied. In certain circumstances your consent may be implied by your actions. For example, by providing us Personal Information to sign up for our Services, it is implied that we can use such information as we outline in this Privacy Policy.

The form of consent we seek may vary depending on the nature of the information. In determining the appropriate form of consent, will take into account the sensitivity of the information and your reasonable expectations. Implied consent will generally be appropriate where information is less sensitive.

You have the right to withhold your consent on any request to use your Personal Information.

To exercise this right, or ask questions about your Personal Information, please contact us at: privacy (at)

3.4 Limiting Collection.

We take great care to not collect Personal Information indiscriminately and limit collection to the minimum necessary information required to operate our Services. By limiting the collection of data, we help to protect the privacy and security of your Personal Information.

3.5 Limiting Use and Disclosure.

We will not use your Personal Information for any purpose that you have not consented to. will not sell or trade Personal Information for commercial purposes.

3.6 Accuracy.

It is your responsibility to inform of any relevant changes in your Personal Information by updating your account information.

3.7 Openness and Transparency.

So that you can be confident that we are handling your Personal Information appropriately, we take extraordinary measures to document our policies and provide openness and transparency around the data we collect, why we collect it and how we handle it.

3.8 Individual Access.

If at any time you have a question about our records containing your Personal Information, we will do our best to answer it. You have the right to be told about the kind of Personal Information we maintain and how it is used. Upon request, we will provide you with information regarding the existence, use and disclosure of your Personal Information.

3.9 Addressing comments and concerns.

We believe in open dialogue on and that is privacy policy is an evolving document. We welcome your thoughts and feedback on how we’re doing.

3.10 Changes to Our Privacy Policy.

We may need to change our Privacy Policy from time-to-time and all updates will be posted online. Your continued use of our Services after the effective date of such changes constitutes your acceptance of such changes. We will post an effective date at the top of the page for your convenience.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback.

©2017 BV

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