Scale organic like it’s paid with content gap optimisation.

Deduplicate pages

Concentrate your traffic on the page Google prefers. See exactly which pages target the same search intent so you can optimise the best one.

Create sought after pages you miss

Connect customers to the mid- and long-tail search intents that speak to them. Catch all the ways people search for your products before they know that they’re going to buy from you.

Hide pages without demand

Hide the pages for which no-one is looking, so that search engines learn to love everything you publish.

Content briefs tell you what content resonates

Stop guessing what to write and find the most important needs your audience has for a page. Speak the same language as your customers and match your categories to their intent. Our platform connects you with the best content partners to write your category pages.

Improve internal linking

Flatten your site architecture and improve link structure by adding relevant related searches to your pages. connects high-ranking and low-ranking pages to make your site more crawlable.

Generate content that scales

Content for 10,000s of category pages? No problem. Generate content your users care about at scale; from informative category texts to frequently asked questions. If your brand voice requires extra care, work with one of our partners to create content that feels—and reads—right. Or, for hand crafted content by experts, talk with our partners.

Like content optimisation that scales?