August 4, 2023

What are Numeric Variables in

Robin Allenson

Step into the world of, where our data table experience goes beyond spreadsheets. While spreadsheets rely on formulas, we utilize Numeric Variables to achieve the same outcome.

Think of it as a simpler, intuitive, and more user-friendly version of spreadsheets’ formulas!

There is no need to deal with complex formulas or special cell names like A1 or C5. Adding new variables is a breeze in as you can easily use existing variables with clear (easy-to-remember) names to create new ones. Check out the video guide with Robin Allenson – our CEO and Co-Founder here.

Here’s one example of how you can do it:

  1. Go to Workbench Pages
  2. Click on Add Numeric Variable.
  3. A new column will appear under Preview Variable
  4. Type in # and see the different fields available. For example, you want to figure out CTR from the existing data. You will add #total traffic/#total impressions.
  5. Instantly, the new data will appear under the Preview Variable column on the left side of your datatable underneath.
  6. Click Apply and a pop-up box will prompt you to Enter a new variable name. Here, you will name the variable however you want.
  7. Save your changes!

With this simple process, your datatable will be automatically updated, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions!

Curious about other features?

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