User centricity that scales to every page.

User-centric pages are the secret to organic growth & SEO

To succeed at organic growth, you can flat out ignore most of the short-term SEO tricks. There is one golden rule: focus on doing what's right for the user.

Robin Allenson
Aug 23, 2020
How search intent may be killing your pages for SEO

Learn a simple trick to determine whether your page can rank for SEO before you spend hours working on it. Hint: it’s about search intent.

Marianne Lalande
Feb 16, 2020
Why does Google combine deep learning with a knowledge graph?

To understand SEO it’s useful to understand why Google combines two types of Artificial Intelligence: machine learning and an ontology …

Robin Allenson
Nov 18, 2019
What it takes to transition to voice-first SEO in online retail

Voice shopping is about to initiate a retail revolution: forget about text matching. This is the age of conversation.

Marianne Lalande
Jul 26, 2019
Retail has changed. How can your business keep up?

This is a critical time for online retailers: customers no longer default to the stores they know. The solution? Learn their language.

Marianne Lalande
Jul 8, 2019
This is how top SEO Managers supercharge their organic revenue

Find out how SEO and Content Managers like you unlock explosive organic traffic for their eCommerce business.

Marianne Lalande
Jun 19, 2019
How to create engaging content for your category pages

Creating content that both Google and shoppers love is difficult, but not impossible. The sweet spot lies in your category pages.

Marianne Lalande
May 2, 2019
How category pages will drive revenue to your online store in 2019

Category pages are Google’s favourite pages to show off. Here is why your store should take advantage of it for traffic and sales.

Marianne Lalande
Apr 30, 2019
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