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Landing Pages

Users are searching for your products on Google... but what keywords are they using? We’ve done the research so that you don't have to. Find your competitors' best keywords and the latest keywords out there to unlock the most shoppers. Browse only the keywords that are relevant to your catalogue. Once you've picked which to use, we create your Landing Pages, which you can fill out with lots more content.

What we will give you:
  • the latest Google keywords to get your products the most shoppers;
  • for each keyword, your matching products;
  • more new shoppers.
What we need from you:
  • a feed of your product catalogue, in any format;
  • integration with your ecommerce provider (coming soon).
We ensure that:
  • you have access to the latest trends even as search patterns change or your products update;
  • every single relevant product gets showcased.


Your users expect to find the product they are looking for using simple and intuitive navigation. We normalise and enrich your catalogue with standardised labels and product attributes from our Universal Product Ontology. Browsing and refining through hundreds or thousands of products has never been so easy.

What we will give you:
  • your feed, enriched with labels in our Ontology;
  • the Ontology your products use;
  • a human-proof user experience;
  • increased conversion rates.
What we need from you:
  • a feed of your product catalogue. In any format;
  • ongoing, we’ll integrate with your ecommerce provider.

And there is no need to clean or enrich your data.
If your users love your products, will love them too.

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