Your search is over. More meaningful search, simply delivered's meaningful search API could not be simpler. Upload your product items to a collection, then use user queries, labels or images to search across your entire collection.

With our understanding we connect your users' searches to your products effortlessly. We integrate with existing search engines, providing natural language and image recognition layers to let search engineers and data scientists improve results.

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Can't I just do this myself?

Deep learning's dirty secret is that it requires an awful lot of clean data. Typically the engineers with whom we work miss the labelled items and the framework to put them in to train a comprehensive model. We've taken millions of things people wear, sorted and labelled them by passionate people, to form our Universal Product Ontology.

What's so hard about this?

Fine grained image classification for search ranking is a tough problem. Our deep learning models understand both the words and pictures of clothes to match natural language user queries to real product items. makes sense of your data.

Do I need to clean my data?

Your catalogue of products looks perfect to users, so it will look perfect to us too. We all prefer some information expressed with pictures and other information expressed with text. makes sense of your data as it is today. No further enrichment or cleaning needed. If your users love your products, will love them too.

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How do I get started?

Use our collection API endpoint to post new items. Our search endpoint lets you Use our similar endpoint to find items with similar shape, pattern, colours and brands. Include any details you'd like to be able to search across, including images. understands your products: what they look like and what users call this. Our deep learning automatically labels your images with the words your users use. Our lightning fast intelligent search delivers more relevant search results.

Isn't everyone doing deep learning these days?

To really understand what you sell, we needed to pair our expertise in image recognition, NLP and search with an enormous clean labeled set of data. Our training set contains millions of clothes, jewellry, bags, shoes and other things people wear, all carefully labelled and enriched by people passionate about the kinds of products you sell, just like you.

How do you scale? is already searching collections with millions of items.


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